Shamanic Journey in the Sacred Valley of Peru



Sacred Solstice Journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru with Anahata Ananda & Jorge Luis Delgado, Next Offering Coming Soon

Machu Piccu RuinsTogether, Anahata and Jorge will masterfully steward you through this sacred journey of exploration into magic and mysteries of this ancient healing land and the depths of your soul. Each day is a new adventure. With each sacred site, ceremony, wisdom sharing or healing session, we masterfully weave a sacred experience that builds and expands your awareness of the potent wisdom held within the chalice of your sacred heart.


Anahata and Jorge
weavers group
SHAMAN JORGE LUIS DELGADO Shares Ancient Mysteries and Guides Sacred Land Ceremonies

ANAHATA ANANDA Facilitates Clearing & Activation Journeys, Meditations & Workshops

14 NIGHTS accommodation in the Mystical Sacred Valley & Ancient Capitol City of Cusco

EXPLORE the Lost City of the Incas in Machu Picchu for 3 days over the Solstice Portal

DISCOVER the Mysteries of Ancient Ruins including Ollantaytambo, Saksaywaman & Others

ENJOY Vibrant and Colorful Quechua People, Mountain Villages & Thriving Markets

EXPERIENCE Authentic Ancient Ceremonies and Traditions led by Andean Shamen

CONNECT to the Highest Natural Frequencies of Mother Earth & Your Higher Self

STRETCH  your body, mind and Spirit with Gentle Yoga, Breathing & Meditation with Nayelli Cardenas

Machu Picchu

Optional Services: Shamanic Healing Sessions, Spiritual Readings, Relaxing Massage and more

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