Energy Healing Courses & Shamanic Training


There is no better location than Sedona, Arizona to explore Shamanic Training and Energy Healing.  With this sacred land and its healing properties, wisdom and beauty as our steward, we will journey deep into the exploration of healing energy, anchoring light, healing tools, sacred ceremonies, Shamanic teachings, Spirit guides, utilizing land energies and more.

Everyone can benefit from the courses in Energy Healing Fundamentals, Shamanic Teachings & Tools and Utilizing Sacred Ceremonies & the Land.




Anahata and red rocks
Individuals in or entering the healing arts will benefit profoundly from all the courses especially the Practitioner Practices & Tools courses.  Those of you called to study Shamanic Breathwork will find this entire Shamangelic Healing Course Program to be invaluable preparation for facilitating profound journeys of healing and awakening.

Each participant may take private courses or register for group training programs which include a series of in-depth courses in a specific subject area and  provide a Certificate of Completion.

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